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Before I go to Ebay with some of these things, I thought I’d make the pitch here. I have some music gear I’ll be selling in the coming weeks in order for me to purchase a couple new things. If you have any interest in anything here, let me know.

  • Line 6 Bass Pod – barely used in near mint condition – no boxes or manuals
  • SWR Workingman 2×10 Cabinet – used but good condition
  • SWR Workingman 4×10 Cabinet – used in good shape, but the horn is blown – sounds great without it
  • Alesis Stereo 12R Rack Mounted Mixer – excellent condition – always in rack in studio (may have manual)
  • Alesis RA 100 – very good condition – a few dings, but works perfect (no manuals)
  • Roland VS1680 Digital Workstation – works perfectly – the bulb on the in/out button on channel 2 is burned out, but the channel is fine (manuals included)
  • Alesis DM Pro Drum Module – excellent condition (may have the manual)

Not sure of prices on these yet.  Make me an offer.

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