Stolen Credit Card???

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How is this for the shizz? I noticed yesterday that my business debit/credit card was missing from my wallet. Honestly, I didn’t think much of it. I figured it was on my desk or something. I RARELY use it outside of revolving charges for vendors, so it wouldn’t be a shock if I had it out to buy some software or something online.

This morning, our hosting company was supposed to refund some money to us for a billing mixup and I went to check our bank account through online banking. We were almost $3000 in the hole!!! WTF???

I look through the transactions and there are three from casinos in Las Vegas (or maybe online gambling places based in Vegas) and one pending from a gaming place in St. Petersburg, Florida.

I about crapped myself.

Fortunately, the bank had already flagged the transactions this morning and we went through their fraud department. They have fraud protection so we will have all our money back within 48 hours. What a pain in the ass though.

Here’s the suckiest part – I don’t know where I lost it. I noticed some things out of place in my wallet on Thursday evening (all the transactions happened Friday and Saturday), but I didn’t think much of it until now. I’m wondering if it got stolen at the gym when I was working out Thursday.

Anyway, a real pisser for a Monday.

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