St. Patrick’s Day at the Meridian

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Ok, Celtic night at the Meridian last Thursday (just getting to it now) was interesting. I did the gig with Paisley Close, the side project I sit in with on occassion, and my review is mixed.

I enjoy playing with PC. They are fun folks. The club was really cool. I’d never been to the Meridian before, but it was a first class joint. Figures it is owned by Clear Channel – ugh.

The crowd was odd. It’s like going to the Ren Fest in Ireland. I mean, to each his own, but I’m always surprised when I got to a club and see the combination of little children and their grandparents. I guess I’m just used to the standard rock club fare.

I did get to meet a friend face to face for the first time – most definitely the highlight of the evening for me personally. And anyone who doesn’t consider One’s a Meal on West Gray for your late night dining pleasure doesn’t understand late night hunger, ay, Ang? 🙂

By the way, the only green represented on me was my shoes. I don’t really have any green in my wardrobe anyway!

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