Sports and Superstitions

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Well, it’s time for the NBA playoffs again. Anyone who knows me knows I’m a Rockets fan. No big deal. They have been UNREAL in theif first two games against Dallas. But, what I’m finding interesting is my tendency to slip into superstitious behavior now that the playoffs are underway and the Rockets are winning.

During the first two Rockets championships in the early 90’s, I sat in the same chair and drank from the same plastic, collectibel Rockets mug every game. I would not allow myself to get up to go to the bathroom. It was bizarre. But, they won so I kept doing it.

Well, now I’m finding those habits creeping back in. So far, my rules go something like this…

I cannot watch the game live. I have to DVR it for later.
I try to be doing something else and not thingking about the game – rehersal works well.
I can catch the last few minutes but radio is preferable to TV.
I have to exchange emails through with a friend of mine.

Crazy? Yes. But, they’ve won, right? I know, it’s nuts, but it is basketball. What are you gonna do? 🙂

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