Spilled Chickens Important, Dead Guy Not So Much

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I know that it makes an interesting headline and all, but methinks the Chron could have been a tad more sensitive when it ran 10 tons of chicken spilled in fatal Houston crash as the headline for a story about the death of a man driving a truck full of frozen fowl.

A rental truck crashed on an elevated freeway ramp in north Houston this morning, killing its 63-year-old driver and spilling 10 tons of frozen chicken onto the roadway below.

Police said the driver of the Budget rental truck was traveling north on the Eastex Freeway and exiting onto the West Loop when he failed to negotiate the curve and over-corrected. The truck flew over the retaining wall, falling 45 feet to the ground after striking a support post.

The crash caused the truck’s trailer to split open, spilling 501 boxes of frozen chicken breasts onto the road. Police said each box contained 40 pounds of chicken.

Authorities were able to quickly clear the roadway but remain on the scene to clean up the chicken and the truck debris. The driver’s identification was not released. The investigation into the accident continues.

Notice the detail used to talk about the damn chickens! I mean, we don’t just know what happened, we know exactly how many boxes of chickens were in there, how many total pounds of chicken spilled and how much each box weighed. All we know about the HUMAN who didn’t survive the accident is that he was 63.

They even stated that while police cleared the roadway quickly – presumably of the truck and a corpse – that it would take time to remove all the chickents. What the hell?

I’m real sorry for the loss of the chickens and all, but I’m just guessing the man’s family is a little more concerned with his death than the thawing of some hens. Here’s hoping the Chron doesn’t think to mention the chickens in his obituary.

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