Somebody Has Some Splainin’ to Do

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Hall of Fame Houston Astros announcer Milo Hamilton wrote a book about his career that hit shelves earlier this year. It had some controversy as he had a few harsh words for former Astro manager Larry Dierker and fomer Chicago Cubs announcer Harry Carry.

To say that announcers like Hamilton and Rockets radio broadcaster Gene Peterson have healthy egos may be understating it a bit. They can, how shall I put this, be a little pissy about things on occassion.

The Houston Chronicle ran a story about Hamilton doing a book signing this weekend in the weekend Preview. One problem…the photo they used of Milo wasn’t actually of Milo. It was a picture of another former Astro broadcaster and recent Hall of Fame enductee, Gene Elston. Oops.

Someone is going to get an ass kicking. 🙂

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