Slowly Moving North Out of Houston

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I’m posting this from my “Crack”berry on the road to my mom’s house.

As you’ve probably heard, it is gridlock, but people are moving and being pretty friendly despite the traffic.

Well, I didn’t sleep well and was awake by 4am. Probably a good thing. I hit the Diamond Shamrock at Shepherd and 11th just before 5am and had no wait.

I spent the morning getting packed up and cleaning up the yard. I was on the road by 7:40.

I took some back roads to 249 but hit a parking lot at Louetta. One tip…buy gas in da hood. I went through Acres Homes and there was plenty of gas available.

Tip #2…two words: key map!!! I will probably bronze mine when I get back home.

I finally had to face the traffic out on 2978 and that’s where I am now.

I’m freakin’ hungry at the moment, but in good shape otherwise. I should be at my mom’s by noon.

Stay safe. More updates later.

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