Skype Jenna Fisher or Rachel Bilson or The Fonz!

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Skype, the internet telephony folks, are having an Ebay auction benefitting the Young Storytellers Foundation.  The auction allows you to bid on 10 minutes of actual phone (video with three of them) time with a number of celebs including Rob Lowe, Henry Winkler, Jenna Fisher, Rachel Bilson and Rainn Wilson among others.

As you might guess, the highest bids thus far are for the female celebs (pervs!), but I must admit that I’m moderately proud of my geeky internet friends for making Ms. Fisher the highest bid thus far at $530.  Not that she is any less attractive than Kristen Bell or Sophia Bush, but she isn’t the classic “hottie,” she isn’t 24, she isn’t on the OC and she doesn’t hang out with Paris and/or Nicole.  But, she is on the coolest sitcom on television.

Bidding runs until December 10.

Skype Auction

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