Six of My Photos Included in a Schmap Guide

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Not sure if any of you guys have used Schmap Guides before, but they are interactive maps and city guides you can download. Currently, the only work for Windows – le sigh – but, the Mac versions are out in January.

About a month ago, I was emailed through Flickr that some of my photos had been selected for inclusion in their guide. Today, I got the official response that six of them will actually be in this month’s guides. I must say, they picked some odd photos, but, according to others who have been selected, this is not uncommon for Schmap.

Anyway, cool stuff.

Speaking of photos, I’m posted a few photos from the wedding yesterday on my Flickr site in a few minutes. I posted several last night including the sunset one in the blog post down below.

Unfortunately, the link to my photos doesn’t work, but I tagged all the photos with the word “schmap” and you can view them here.   Thanks, Elaine!

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