Rozz Zamorano Releases Instrumental CD

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Rozz Zamorano is a bass player I’ve known for quite a long time. He has many times been nominated as bassist of the year in Houston and he and I have shared the stage (albeit with different bands since no one is cool enough to allow two bass players to play together – bastards!) with him more than I can recall, particularly when I played with the Basics.

He is as fine a bassist as you will find in Houston and an equally great guy.

According to David Cobb at Houston Calling, Rozz has released his second solo disc.

A few months back, orange is in did a show at Dan Electro’s and played right after Rozz and his band. We talked for a bit and he told me that he was finishing up this CD and that his previous one had sold really well overseas where they eat jazz as if it were made of delicious candy (thank you Daily Show).

I’ve been seriously contemplating working on a solo bass CD of my own. I know that it is complete musical masturbation and that only the most hardcore of people would listen, but that’s ok. Honestly, it would be more for me than for anyone else. Rozz has me thinking it’s probably time to get started.

You can check out his CD and even get your own copy from

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