Rough Day

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Things have, in general, been crazy like usual lately, but not quite as crazy as the past few months. This has been encouraging and then today happens.

First thing this morning, Rebecca and I go to the vet because we have to put one of our cats to sleep. Sara was a very tough, extremely sweet cat who had renal failure. Her sister, Tessa, passed away in October of 2004. We had raised them both since they were kittens.

I have and have had lots of animals. I always think each time one has to be put to sleep or dies that it will be easier because I’ve been through it before. It never is and, frankly, I’m thankful. I never want to forget what happiness has been brought into my life because of these little souls.

I will miss Sara. She was a sweet, loving cat.

Before going to the vet, I dropped off my truck. The brakes were making a bad noise and I knew it was trouble. This afternoon, I got the call – $375. Now, that included oil/filter and inspection, but it would’ve been $150 less had I not had to replace a rotor that was screwed up simply because I drove on it too long. Ugh.

On my way home from picking up the truck, I go to Kroger to get some dinner.

Let me just say this one time…

If you have more than 15 items, you shouldn’t be in the self-serve line. If you have more than 15 items AND you don’t know what the FUCK you are doing, you DEFINITELY should not be in the self-serve line. Do us all a favor and get the hell out of that line and follow the rules. Crap!

I’m hoping my evening is extremely un-eventful. I’ve had enough for one day, thank you very much.

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