Rita Update: What the Hell am I Doing?

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With soon-to-be Hurricane Rita aiming herself at the Texas coast, I figured it would be a good idea to give everyone a head’s up on my plans before, during and after the storm.

Obviously, a lot of things can change depending on where the storm goes, but these are the preliminary plans.


Tomorrow and Wednesday I’ll be making plans and purchases necessary for the weekend. At this point, it appears Rita will make landfall as at least a category 3 storm with 120+ mph winds, possibly a category 4, so I don’t plan on staying home.

It isn’t that I expect my house will flood or blow down. I honestly don’t. But, I’m not sure I want to sit through the storm or the power outages sure to accompany it.

So, I’ll be making plans both days including setting up boarding for the cats.


Thursday, I hope to take the cats wherever they will stay during the storm. My hope is to board them somewhere north of Houston – Conroe, Huntsville, etc. – where they will be out of immediate harms way and I won’t have to worry about them.

If I cannot find boarding for them, I will likely ask my mom if we can all stay there for a few days. She lives way out in Montgomery – northwest of Conroe – and is plenty far out to avoid problems.


Friday, I’ll get the remainder of my things together and get out of town before noon. I plan on packing up my computers, my music gear, camera equipment and all my financial/business records to haul with me. Shouldn’t be too much, but better safe than sorry.

I’ll decide at that point whether I’ll ride out the storm up north with my mom or if I’ll head up to Austin and stay with my friend, Angie.

I will have my cell phone and my website/email is hosted in another part of the country, so I should have access for the most part depending on power issues.

Honestly, I expect my house to be fine, especially in the event of a category 3 storm. I just really don’t want to ride it out alone and would prefer just to avoid the problems associated with that.

I certainly won’t put my animals through that given the potential problems that could come up.

So, should be an interesting week. I’ll keep everyone posted as to my status.

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