Recording Session Gone – Road Trip On

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Let’s just say it has been a frustrating week. And it all led up to our recording session being cancelled due to equipment malfunctions – 1 hour before setting up. I guess it could’ve been worse. We could’ve been in the middle of recording. Nevertheless, it left my weekend open and I decided to take a day trip to the hill country.

I needed some time away and one day seemed enough – it was. I drove up to Austin and drove around for a bit before deciding to head down to New Braunfels.

I got there in the afternoon and drove down River Road to shoot some pictures of the Guadalupe River. I used to go there every summer with my folks, so I know the place like the back of my hand.

It was wild how many rafters were out and how many tents were lined up one after another in campgrounds. At one point, I saw a camp with a big confederate flag and some tubers floating down the river in the background with their (hopefully waterproof) radio blasting “Sweet Home Alabama.” Pretty funny.

I did manage to get some shots of the river, a few floaters and a group of turkey vultures that had taken over an old smokestack in town. You can see them in my photo gallery in the Places album.

After NB, I met up with my good friend Stacey Steger and we hit the outlet malls in San Marcos. I got myself a cool pair of Converse high tops. Good ol’ Chuck Taylor’s. Nothing like ’em.

We had dinner and just hung out for a while. We don’t get to see each other very often since we live 150 miles away from each other, so this was a good chance to visit.

I made it back just before midnight and, while I’m a bit tired from the driving, it was a good trip. I am glad I took the opportunity to get out of town and clear my head. It felt good.

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