Recording Notes (Rogers Recording)

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Most of you know that the orange is in CD was finished up in January. I have an extensive list of posts on recording in this blog detailing this last CD and others I’ve worked on.

One thing I hadn’t mentioned is that a huge chunk of the work was done at Rogers Recording, the recording and production studio of my guitarist and friend, Chris Rogers.

I’d encourage anyone looking to do some recording, particularly singer/songwriters who might need production help, to use Rogers Recording. It is very laid back, affordable and the gear and sounds are great. Chris and I have worked on productions together and, if you have the budget to do it, we can provide full production services from drum tuning and session musicians to arrangement.

We have the services of great musicians as well as talented drum tuner, Robbie Parrish, and grammy-nominated mixdown engineer, Steve Christensen, at our disposal.

Definitely worth checking out.

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