Reason #177 Why I Love the Internet

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Oh, sure, you can use the net to send emails, promote your business and even sell herbal viagra. Those are all worthwhile pursuits and worthy of the millions of terabytes of information that pass through the information superhighway. But the REAL reason we are all on the net is stuff like this.

Apparently, a fellow surfer was perplexed by the mystery of Alicia, a model featured in many, MANY ads throughout the net and otherwise.

His saga includes helpful emails and scans of ads from many fellow surfers along with speculation as to the health and well-being of “Alicia” who, during the course of their search, apparently dated several people, found love, got married, got pregnant, worked for Domino’s Pizza and lived in Canada.

Fortunately, the story has a happy ending as the real “Alicia” reached our search hound and solved the infinite mystery.

I think they knew all along that stock photography is widely used on the internet, but all that is really important is that Libby…er…Alicia is safe and happy and apparently in New Zealand.

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