Really, Really Big Stuff for the Holidays

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Big PencilYou have this relative that is really hard to buy for, right? She’s very picky. She is never satisfied. But, if there is one thing you know, it is that she likes her gifts to be BIG…really BIG! Do I have the online store for you.

Welcome to, the store for crazy oversized crap that you’ll never need, but is perfect for cracking jokes about your overweight friend or getting that tough-to-buy-for bitch something gigantic. She can never say what you got was just too damn small.

Honestly, I love stores with stuff like this. Nothing is as funny as when it is oversized and crazy looking. Rebecca sent this to me knowing that, like her, everything is funnier to me the more gigantic it is.

There’s always the novelty pencil (see right). This comes in handy when you need to fill out a form. Take it with you to the IRS office at tax time and just wander around the lobby screaming, “Where do I sign?” They’ll love it!

But, if you need something not so risque, try the big ass viagra.

Big Pill

There are so many jokes you can attach to this one. For example: well, I knew you were having BIG trouble or maybe the bigger the pill, the bigger the…har de har har…hours of laughter.

But, if all else fails, there is the novelty underwear.

Big Undies

Oh, the laughs. Oh, the fat jokes. Your friends will love you for it and, if you send me pictures, so will I.

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