Really Great First Day of Recording Guitars

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After a delay mainly because my house was such a disaster, we are back to recording tracks for the upcoming orange is in CD. Chris and I put in a few hours pulling up tracks and working on guitars today.

It was a really good session. We made excellent progress and, wow, the sounds…

First off, holy crap those are great drum sounds. They sound simply amazing. And it is easily the best bass sound I’ve ever gotten. My man Josh Applebee at Sugar Hill Studios deserves a LOT of praise as does Robbie Parrish who worked his magic on the drums.

We started in on guitars today and Chris wanted to take them a song at a time rather than work on all the clean parts, all the dirty parts, etc. This made a lot of sense to me as long as we could retain the sounds from song to song.

We started on Dancing All Alone and finished up everything for it. We tracked 7 separate guitars – though 2 of those were exactly the same thing just panned in stereo and 2 others were more ambient noise. We got one GREAT clean track that went through the whole song and a pair of GREAT distorted tracks along with a bunch of cool ambient sounds and melodies we cam play around with.

That song is really going to rock when it is all done.

We finished up workin on Run Towards the Warmth of the Sun. That song with just bass and drums already sounds incredible. That is a song I am very proud of as is. It took a while to get the first clean guitar down mainly because it plays such a significant role in the rhythm of the song – we had to be picky. But, we got it done and will finish out that song and move on to others hopefully on Sunday.

Chris and I were both extremely encouraged by the sounds we got. We mic’ed his Mesa Boogie 100 watt combo with a Shure SM57 and then used an AKG 4050 out in the room down near the floor to capture his extension cabinet.

He recorded with three different guitars – his 70’s era Les Paul Black Beauty, his 60’s era Gibson 355 and his Fender Strat. The blending of the three guitars and sounds made for a really cool overall sound.

We are both sure we can get guitars done within a week and we are anxious to keep going. The stuff is sounding amazing! Woo hoo!

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