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OH…MY…GAWD! There is nothing like good gossip Hollyweird style. Lately, I’ve found some funny-ass blogs that give comedic relief to the news and fun from our friends in the entertainment industry – as if Britney & Kevin: Chaotic needed any comedic help. Can ya’ll handle my truth?

The favorite so far is (thanks, Beck!). Trent, the gay Detroit resident who runs it is freakin’ hilarious. His neverending love of Britney, Paris and others is a testament to all that is good and holy on the internet.

Another is, which is great if for no other reason than the blog owner’s taste in women – particularly Elisha Cutherbert, yowza – and his joy at quoting the Simpsons.

Lastly is which is a little lighter on the overall chatta, but funny and loaded with pictures of skinny, coked-out Lindsay Lohan. That’s always a bonus.

It’s caddy and it’s disgusting, but it’s all in the name of charity. Actually, that’s not true, but whatever, ya’ll.

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