Purchases Nearly Complete

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In the past week, I’ve gone on a bit of a spending spree – a necessary one, but one nevertheless.

I needed a new laptop for work and for music, so I custom ordered an Apple iBook from Small Dog Electronics.

This particular machine is the 14″ iBook, but has a larger hard drive, more memory and a CDR drive rather than the DVD/Super Drive. That allowed me to get all the customizations for only about $150 more than what it costs off the rack.

Plus, Apple does all the customizations at the factory. Sweet.

Just got that and a new mic today. I got some music software and an interface to go with the new computer last week. I’ll have myself a pretty cool music computer PLUS a laptop I can use for other purposes including my upcoming vacation. Woot!

I am going to replace my Blackberry this week. It just never worked like I thought and I want something that is easier to carry around – not so bulky.

So, other than my vacation in June, that will be the end of my spending for the year. Let’s hope I don’t have any bills to pay. Yikes!

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