Pretty Damn Productive Day

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In the span of 24 hours, I’ve added three new clients and four new projects to Two Roads Media’s roster, finished the artwork for orange is in’s new CD, promoted our record release party and still managed to update my website.

That’s a damn fine 24 hours if you ask me.

Two Roads Media is the web development company I own with my business partner and we managed to take on four new projects in the span of a couple of days – three with brand new clients.

In addition, we managed to get on track with a project that has been lingering for over a month.

orange is in finished up our first CD last week as I’ve mentioned here and I got all the artwork wrapped up today, thankfully.

I gotta say that Kinko’s is impressive. They used to be just this “DAMNIT, I NEED COPIES NOW!!!” kinda place, but I have always used them for band flyers and, back in the day, scanning photos LATE at night.

Now, I use them for color flyers and even did both bands’ CD artwork there. I use the one on 290 and Mangum and the manager there is just a great guy who even gives me a discount on my stuff. I highly recommend them for pretty much anything.

But, anyway, good day overall. Even my email inbox is currently empty. That is a rarity!

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