Practice Makes Perfect

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We had a great rehearsal last night. We haven’t had many of those over the past year. It’s been actually tough stringing together rehearsals, in fact. Much of that was due to problems we encountered getting everyone on the same page. After putting out what I considered a very good CD, it was frustrating.

Lately, however, we’ve gotten in multiple rehearsals and things have been really improving dramatically. We’re doing a couple brand new songs this Friday including a cover of a cover that took us all of about 7 or 8 passes through to get together.

Last night was a first for us as well as we literally wrote a song in rehearsal just from a riff Chris was goofing off with before we started working on our set for Friday. Amy and I both thought it was interesting, so we talked about it for a minute and we all just started jamming on it. The whole thing just fell together. Literally, one or two more rehearsals on it and a completed lyric/melodic structure and we have a new song. Cool!

The energy is just so much better now than it has been as we struggled to get rehearsal time over the past year. Hopefully, this will be the start of a good fall and winter of music.

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