Pr0n for the Children

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Watching an episode of the Daily Show, I was struck by something discussed during Louis Black’s segment. He mentioned the fact that recently the Parents Television Council had cataloged some 170+ hours of programming on MTV to demonstrate how much raw sexuality is displayed on the network.

They said they found over 3000 instances in those 170+ hours of indecent material aimed directly at children. Ok, I get it. It’s like the Helen Lovejoy character on the Simpsons yelling, “Will someone please think of the children?” at every moment, appropriate or otherwise. But, seriously, does anyone else see the irony in this.

A group – if you are interested – actually catalogs AND DISPLAYS clips of material they consider sexually explicit on its own website as a means of decrying said content. Seriously?

So, I can put pr0n on my site – nevermind copywritten material – for free and somehow benefit the children??? That is pure genius. I wish I had thought of that.

This week’s “worst TV clip” is from VH1’s The Surreal Life where the cast goes to a strip club and Christopher Knight (TV’s Peter Brady) gets dances from strippers while handcuffed to a pole and Adrianne Curry (America’s Top Model) gets a lap dance from a stripper and even spanks her. Nevermind the fact that GoGo’s guitarist Jane Weidlan went to the club dressed as a priest.

Now, they call this indecent. Personally, I call a really hot model getting a lap dance from an equally hot stripper outstanding television programming, but that is just me.

But, since they are offering the clip for free to show me just how horrible it is, I guess I’ll have to watch…for educational purposes only of course.

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