Planning a Vacation…Finally

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It has been more than 5 years since I have had a vacation. I rarely take full days off and do nothing. Even on days off, I’m playing or something. For a long time, I’ve wanted to take a long driving vacation and I think I’m finally going to get the chance.

My plan is to fly to Boston to visit my step brother who lives there. I’d like to hang out in Boston for a couple days and maybe catch a Red Sox game then head to New York City for the weekend. I’d like to visit Ground Zero, Yankee Stadium and see some bands play.

Once I leave, I’ll go to Philadelphia maybe just for the day to see the Liberty Bell and other historic landmarks before heading out to Washington DC.

In DC, I can visit my aunt and cousin as well as take a couple days to visit the Smithsonian – something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. I’d then leave DC and head to Raleigh/Durham, SC to visit a friend and maybe take in a Durham Bulls game.

From there, it would be off to central Tennessee to visit another friend and take trips into Nashville and Memphis before heading back through Dallas and on home.

I’m guessing 12-14 days or so total.

It would just be me, my camera and my laptop. I would take TONS of pictures and, of course, add to my blog posts about my experiences. Plus, when necessary, I could keep up with work, email, etc.

I’m looking at late summer (maybe early August?) and, honestly, really looking forward to the idea of just being by myself for a couple weeks with nothing to do but take pictures, hang out and see some sights. I’ve only taken one other trip like this by myself and that was just over spring break to visit some friends in Virginia.

This would be the first real travel experience I’ve ever had on my own. How cool would that be? I’ll give you the answer: very. I’ll keep everyone posted on my plans.

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