Plane Crashes 2.0

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Many of you probably read all about the plane that skidded off the runway in Denver bound for Houston last month. If you follow Twitter, you may have seen the passenger who Twittered about it immediately after.

Twitter Crash

The immediacy of the internet demonstrated in all its glory.

Today, a US Airways plane crash landed into the Hudson River. Fortunately, like the Denver plane, everyone managed to escape safely. Once again, the interwebs was on patrol.

First, on Twitter, there was this photo taken from a ferry on the Hudson by passenger and Twitter user jkrums. Then, a whole batch of photos showed up on the Flickr stream of gregol.

All of this within an hour of the plane hitting the water. I wonder who will be first to post video of the crash to YouTube. You know someone has it.

Now, I’m posting this blog and the plane went down less than 90 minutes ago. No wonder news organizations are scrambling to be the first to get a story since the internet scoops them virtually every day.

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