Photoshopping is Fun

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Changing random, everyday images into something silly has ALWAYS seemed like a good idea. Now, with the sophistication of Photoshop, anybody with a bunch of spare time can turn perfectly normal (or near-normal) photos into hilarity.

Lots of people know about, the internet site that has its visitors take mostly normal pictures and turn them into sheer craziness. But, I found a new one today that is downright amazing., obviously a play on the well-known quip about photos, wasn’t kidding. This site has some really amazing Photoshop transformations.

I particularly like their contests where they give people the opportunity to, for example, take a modern appliance and put it in a vintage ad. That rules!

I’m an amateur Photoshopper but mostly just to make fun of the Rockets on the BBS. These guys and gals are serious.

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