Pet of the Week: Mabel Looking for a Home

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Those of you who know me know that I love animals and seem to be constantly finding homes for dogs and cats that need them. A friend of mine foster care’s for dogs and sends out an email to a big list of people every couple of weeks with a new pup for adoption. I’m going to start adding them here.

I would greatly appreciate it if you would email this information to all your friends and neighbors and help keep the chain going.

Here is the email I received with pictures. If you have questions, you can contact me. Thank you!!!

Hello all, here is this week’s star. She’s beautiful!

I have attached several pictures of Mabel, a rottweiler-retriever mix who is
about a year old. Mabel came to Mr. K’s with a broken pelvis. After
quality vet care, Mabel is doing great. She must remain on some kind of low
pain medicine or anti-inflammatory for her lifetime to help her with her
pelvis. We’ve found some alternative medications for her, which seem to be
working very well.

Her prior injury does not slow her down, however. She loves to go roam
around in the yard, and when it’s cold, she seems to especially like to go
out and enjoy the weather. when she’s in the house, she is happy taking a
nap on the floor (or on the couch!), she enjoys playing with my other dogs
(young lab female, young rottie mix female), and she thinks cats are ok but
not all that interesting.

At my house, she is an inside dog. she only goes out in the yard when
someone is home, and only when she wants to be outside.

Mabel is perfect in the house; she asks out when she need to go out, she
doesn’t chew things, and she is great all night – she’s not even a barker.

Though she is young, she really does have a very wise air about her.

Please forward along to anyone that might be interested. Have them feel free
to contact me, if interested.

Thanks again for all your help!

Pictures of Mabel:

Mabel and friend

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