Pet of the Week: Bear Needs a Home

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We have another sweet pup that needs a home. Bear is a wonderful golden lab mix who went through an abusive and neglectful home life. His foster parent is trying to find a new home for him.

If you know of anyone interested, please have them email me at and I’ll get them in touch with the right people. Here is the original email and images of Bear.

It’s with great sorrow that I send this e-mail. I must find a new home for Bear. He bonds quickly and will always be close to you. He will always come to you when you call him. When he runs it looks as though he is smiling. By the way, he loves to ride in the truck. Bear has had a hard life. Before he came to us, he was abused and neglected. He was lucky someone found him and got him away from such a bad place. Since then his life has been fun and filled with love. Riding in the truck, running around at the beach and regular walks to the park use to consume his afternoons. I’m am looking for him a new home because he’s not getting along with the animal additions to our family. We have a Rottweiler-Lab mix (Joe), a Chihuahua ( Scrappy) and two kittens (kitten & the other kitten). We just got the kittens. I can’t keep Bear & Joe together. They will fight, but I only have one backyard. I believe he would be good for a single animal family.

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