People Still Use Internet Explorer?

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This is the warning I receive when I try and view an Associated Press video linked on the front page of the Houston Chronicle. Now, I know as a Mac user that I am going to have some degree of limitation, but to be THIS specific that you must have Internet Explorer VERSION 6 is just bizarre.

Speaking as someone who has made web development his business since the mid-90’s, I can tell you that cross-platform compatibility is a must for even the smallest websites. To be able to view things in Firefox, Netscape, hell, even Opera, is essential to ensure that visitors view content as it was intended.

For an organization as large and powerful as the AP to limit people to IE6, which isn’t even made for Mac and is becoming less and less used by Windows users, is ridiculous. does a great job of displaying videos in Flash and not having any browser requirments. In fact, lots of sites do that with very few problems. So, what is up with the AP that they want to force users into using a Microsoft product? Hmmmm…

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