Patrice Pike: Not a Rock Star

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I’ve never watched that Rock Star reality show on CBS before, but I flipped it on tonight and, lo and behold if it wasn’t Patrice Pike in the final group of about 12 people. I had heard there was a girl in there from Houston that was a favorite to win. Of course, she’s successful because no one in Houston knows who she is. That’s for another blog post.

Anyway, Pike has been around for quite a few years originally fronting the Austin band Sister 7. When I was in the Basics (I think it was the Basics?), we opened for them at the Satellite Lounge.

I’ve seen her a few times in the past couple years because my friend, Stacey Steger, is such a big fan. Last time I went and saw her at Dan Electro’s, Chris (my guitarist) and I were just floored at how good she and her band were. She’s a phenomenal singer.

She doesn’t fit the mold of a rock star anyway. She’s more of a Melissa Etheridge than a Lita Ford and the guys in Supernova are clearly going hard rock. Pike is a very soulful singer with a bluesy rock edge and probably just didn’t fit what they wanted. But, kudos to her for getting that far. Secretly, I’m glad because I like her solo stuff a LOT better than the crap Supernova will undoubtedly create.

Here are a few shots I snapped of Pike at the Dan Electro’s show…

Neon Nights

Seriously Funky


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