Ok, This Weekend Was Just Nutty

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I’m honestly not that hopeful that the week ahead will go by at an easy pace. In fact, if it does, it will probably mean I’m either dead, incapacitated or have completely lost my mind.

No, I recognize that the tasks ahead will be many and will keep me occupied for basically all moments not spent sleeping. But, I had kinda hoped the weekend would give me some time to prepare, at least mentally. Uh, no.


First, my business partner, David, worked like a demon to end the week. He and I both had a ton or things to accomplish, some brought on by normal project-related work, and some the result of unforseen circumstances we won’t bother to mention. Ugh.

Anyway, he busted ass and is to be commended.

I started the day early getting some much-needed work done in the morning. I then headed out with my friend Leland Isley to shoot pictures for the orange is in CD.

We wanted a shot of the smashed in rear end of a car for the cover and hit a few auto salvage yards on Shepherd. We finally came away with a winner at Bill Dee’s Auto Salvage and it is going to kick ass.

The parts manager was a guy named Dr. Dan. He looked like Waylon Jennings and had gold rings on every finger. Nice guy.

After lunch, I headed back to continue work for the day. I then went to Kinkos to drop of a disc for flyers for the CD release party. I still haven’t picked up the stupid flyers.

George and I went to Buffalo Exchange to find him something for the show that night and for the photo shoot which is tomorrow. We found a killer ruffled old tuxedo shirt, a couple cool 80’s skinny ties and a black button down. The ruffled shirt kicked ass and you’ll get to see it in the Chronicle story they do on the band (more on that coming…).

We had some dinner and came back here to change. When we got back, I had a couple messages from people who work for the Houston Rockets. Both were regarding a little issue they had with my business partner’s Rockets fan site, ClutchFans.com.

Kind of a funny thing, really, because I know a number of people who work for the Rockets and I can see this thing from both sides. Should be interesting to talk with them about it because they are doing everything they can to work with Dave, something that the Rockets have never done. I’m hopeful it all works out. The site is amazing and he deservers to get some props for it.

Plus, I’m a fan and anything to help the team.

Anyway, back to Friday…so, I head out to our gig at Cosmos. We meet up with a photographer who shoots for the Chronicle – Bill Olive. Really nice guy and, from what I could tell from the LCD on his digital, he got some great shots of us.

We are going to be in the Chronicle’s November 10th Preview Section under the featured local band section. That was what the photos were for.

We had a good set opening for our friends, Los Super Vatos, and I made my way home for sleep.


I got up early because I had to head out to Dallas to do a gig with Paisley Close. I had to pick up my drummer, Leesa, on the way.

The whole trip was just nuts. I love Leesa, but she smokes and there were just all kinds of issues from her spilling burnt coffee on herself to her sprained ankle that made the whole trip clearly difficult for her.

The playing was fine and the festival was interesting. Amy, Cid and Bernard are just great people and I really enjoy hanging out with them. I just think the pressure of everything from last week and the weeks upcoming plus a VERY long drive made for a tough and LONG day.

By 10pm, I was back home and in bed by 11pm. I was toast.


Rebecca and I had breakfast and went to the Bayou City Arts Festival. That was fun. We took some pictures and she got a gift for her mom’s birthday. It was such a beautiful day out and that was a nice relaxing way to spend the morning.

I watched the Texans get their asses kicked not even realizing the Astros were on. I’m not a big baseball fan.

At 3:30pm, I headed to Chris’s to do some recording. George and I were going to work on our own at Chris’s house. Chris has been really great about letting us use the studio and everything is sounding tremendous.

Unfortunately, I got all the way out to 1960 only to find he had forgot to leave a key for us. Yikes. George and I just chatted for a few minutes and then bailed. It will make for an interesting week because we still have to squeeze in quite a bit of recording, but we’ll get it done.

So, I caught the end of the Astros game on the radio and headed home. Since then, I’ve been cleaning up the house and getting some work done before tomorrow. This is going to be a crazy week with daily recording and a photo shoot tomorrow.

Stay tuned for the crazy… 🙂

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