Ok, So, It’s Been a While

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It has been an incredibly hectic 10 days or so. In that span, I’ve done multiple gigs, multiple recording session, signed on a couple new clients, handled messes, taken cats to the vet, adopted a dog my wife and I rescued…the list goes on.

So, yeah, I’ve been busy. But, it’s been a good busy for the most part. We did rescue a dog and we did find her a home. She is adorable as evidenced by these:

How cute is that? Her name is Ruby and a good friend of mine and his wife and daughter took her. We sent out an email to probably 20 people and asked that they forward it on to their friends. When I found her on a bike ride, she had a broken leg, which is why she is wearing a cast. But, she’s doing great thankfully!

We got probably 50 or 60 responses and at least 20 offers to adopt her. What a response!!!

Other than that, it has been gigs for both bands, photo shoot for orange is in (new photos coming soon) and live photos for Slapshifter.

Overall, a crazy week and it doesn’t promise to slow down anytime soon. I’m hoping that by the fall, things will begin to calm down and my wife and I can actually get a vacation!!!

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