Now, THAT is How You Play Ball!

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McGrady & BradleyOk, so it wasn’t quite as fun as this facial that Tracy McGrady put on Shawn Bradley during the playoffs two seasons back, but the Rockets put their beat down on the Mavs tonight beating them by 30+.

I’ve seen predictions that range from them winning a title to them not making the playoffs.  Until they start stringing together wins, they will be an enigma.  But, if they play anywhere close to this level most of the season and stay healthy, they will be a beast come playoff time.

And, hey, major props to the Red Rowdies, who turned Toyota Center from a lazy, sleepy, corporate hellhole into a nasty, noisy, college hoops environment. They were ridiculously loud on tv and, according to those who were at the game, it was as loud as they’ve ever heard it at a Rockets game.

It doesn’t hurt that it was the largest crowd to see a season opener in team history.

Go Rockets!

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