Note To Self: Do Not Misplace Your Keys in Another City

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This would see to be self-evident. Apparently not. Slapshifter played in Surfside, Texas on Saturday night and this is advice I wish I had heeded. Read on for the tragic details…

I went to my truck before the show to change my shirt. I threw my keys on the front seat and thought to myself, “Ok, dude (I call myself dude sometimes), don’t forget your keys.” I didn’t.

After changing, I grabbed my keys and camera bag and headed upstairs to the club. I went out to the back deck with a few other people and hung out waiting to play. I got the call to head inside a few minutes later and I’m certain I left my keys sitting there. Nice.

I didn’t think about it until after the gig and I couldn’t find them. Most thought they were locked in my truck. Not so.

At 2:30am, after trying to call Rebecca to see if she could meet me to deliver a spare and the spare key to the house (she was asleep – who could blame her), Chris’ sister, Amanda, agreed to give me a ride back to Houston.

I got back around 3:45am where I crawled in a window and got my spares. She then offered to take me back to Surfside to get my truck, which was very sweet of her.

I unloaded my gear and took care of a couple of things at the house. We were back on the road about 4:15am or so. We got back to Surfside around 5:30am. I made a last check for my keys around the area, got into my truck and headed back.

I followed Amanda to a gas station to get her gas (the least I could do) and then to her apartment to make sure she got home safe. After all that, I made it to the Whataburger by my house to get much-needed Taquitos around 7:15am. By 8:10am I was in bed.

So, word of advice…read the title of this post. And to all a good night…

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