No Sleep Until Rita is Gone

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I’m sitting here in Montgomery with the rain outside and wind gusts to probably around 40mph. The weather comes as rain bands sweep in from the east and soon from the north.

No power loss yet, but I have my pair of back-up universal power supplies that can keep me running for several hours if necessary.

The people to our east are getting pounded. I feel bad for folks in Louisiana. They’ve suffered a great deal from tropical weather this summer.

It is fascinating to watch the radar loop of the area. I’m using the radar at Weather Underground. Just type in your zip code and when you get to your page, click the Local Radar link.

You can watch the satellite loop showing the bands sweeping into your area.

It’s interesting to watch because you can see a couple of lines of dissipation. One extends somewhere just to the west of Interstate 59. Hard to tell on the radar loop, but looking at my map here, it appears to be right along the 59 corridor.

The bands begin to break up there a bit and then further dissipate until they are almost non-existant on the far west end of Harris County.

I’m sure we can expect a couple more hours of this kind of weather as Rita continues her push to the north and west.

Prayers and warm wishes to our friends to our east.

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