No Big Picks for My Packed Weekend o’ Fun

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Normally, I like to let people know what shows I think would be good to see and what I’ll probably go see myself over the weekend. This weekend is honestly so packed, I probably won’t have time to see any shows.

In fact, the past week has been nuts and that will spill over into most of next week before things start to calm down.

Tonight, I’m helping to send my good friend Angie off in style. She is moving to Austin and getting married and a bunch of her friends are throwing her a party at a Greek restaurant on West Gray.

I am her designated driver this evening. That should be interesting. We’ll see how it goes.

Tomorrow night, I’m going out with my friend Carolann and some of her friends for her birthday (Monday). We are probably going to go hit a few clubs, particularly downtown. I’ll see if there are bands worth seeing – there always are.

So, I’ve got a full weekend. Have fun yourselves!

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