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Everyone who reads this knows that I co-own a web development company, but you may or may not know that I do very little of the design for Two Roads Media. The reason is that my main job is handling the business stuff, but I still enjoy doing the occassional site.

So, I’ve just finished one site and am starting on a second one. I’ve done sites for both bands I’m in and those were fun. I do this website and it’s fun. But, when approached about doing some others, I decided it would be a good idea to keep my creative juices flowing and my skills intact.

The first was a site for my friend, comedian Billy D. Washington. Billy is a successful comedian (formerly a police officer) who has appeared on HBO, VH1, etc, etc. Billy and I got to know each other as Rockets fans on the Bulletin Board as well as sitting on the Rockets Fan Council.

When he made a joke on the BBS about needing a new website, I emailed him and said I’d take a crack at it if he wanted. With the help of my genius graphics guru, Dave Cebrero, I put together a pretty nice site, IMHO (that stands for “in my humble opinion” for those who don’t know internet acryonyms).

The new site should be up in a couple days when Billy gets back in town. You can view it then at

The other site is for a talented singer/songwriter I work with from time to time, Stacey Steger. I played on her record and do the occassional live show with her. She needed a new site badly and I agreed to help out. I’m just now starting on it and I hope to have it done before the end of the year.

You can see it when it is done at

So, I still like to get my graphic thing on every once in a while. Gotta keep them creative juices flowin’.

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