New TV Season Starting Up This Week

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I’m not the huge TV watcher I was when I was younger, but I still have favorites like The Daily Show, CSI, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, What Not to Wear, The Office, Family Guy and The Simpsons.

While I won’t watch all of these this season, the new line-up has some promise and with my DVR, it should make scheduling conflicts a non-factor. Oh, plus, basketball season and football season get started. Woot!


Vanished (Fox) – August 21 – 8pm CST
New show about the disappearance of the President’s wife. Looks 24-ish, which should make it good.

Heroes (NBC) – September 25 – 8pm
Sounds kind of like X-Men as people begin developing super powers around the world and band together to be superheroes. I’m looking forward to this one.

Shalom in the Home (TLC) – January – 9pm
One of my favorite “makeover” shows. Rabbi Schmuley is awesome.

CSI: Miami (CBS) – September 18 – 9pm
I got hooked into this one last year like I’ve been hooked into the original for a couple years now.

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (NBC) – September 18 – 9pm
By Adam Sorkin starring Matthew Perry, Amanda Peet, Stephen Weber among others…a drama about the behind-the-scenes making of a Saturday Night Live type of sketch show. Getting RAVE reviews.


NCIS (CBS) – September 19 – 7pm
I got kinda hooked into this one last year. Funny dialogue for a serious show.

Queer Eye for the Straight Guy (Bravo) – in progress – 9pm
Still one of my favorite shows on TV.


20 Good Years (NBC) – October 4 – 7pm
Comedy starring Jeffrey Tambor and John Lithgow about two guys who feel like they have 20 years left to truly enjoy life to its fullest. The pilot got bad reviews, but Tambor and Lithgow are hilarious.

30 Rock (NBC) – October 11 – 7:30pm
Back-to-back number comedies, huh. This one looks great. Like Studio 60 (what is it with NBC and numbers???), this is a show about the making of a sketch comedy show, but this is a sitcom starring several of cast members of SNL including Tina Fey, Rachel Dratch and Tracy Morgan plus Alec Baldwin as an insufferable movie star the cast is forced to work with by the network. Sounds awesome.

Justice (Fox) – August 30 – 8pm
A behind-the-scenes look at trials, much from the jury’s perpsective. Produced by Jerry Bruckheimer. Not sure how I feel yet, but reviews are promising.

CSI: NY (CBS) – September 20 – 9pm
I am a big fan of Gary Sinise and he as a CSI makes for great television.

The Nine (ABC) – October 4 – 9pm
Saw an ad for this before a movie about a group of people involved in a bank robbery. The series follows how nine of them bond as a result of the trauma. They also supposedly hold a secret, but the show doesn’t reveal what happened inside the bank except in flashbacks as the seris progresses. Should be interesting.


Ugly Betty (ABC) – September 28 – 7pm
This actually looks pretty damn funny. Produced by Salma Hayek and starring America Ferrera from Real Women Have Curves, the show follows Ferrera’s character who plays a rather “plain-looking” woman hired to a high fashion magazine because she is the only person her boss won’t try to sleep with.

The Office (NBC) – September 21 – 7:30pm
To me, the funniest comedy on television, hands down.

CSI (CBS) – September 21 – 8pm
The grandaddy of the series and by far the best. How will they handle Grissom and Sidle’s romance? And do we have to see them make out? Ew!

Grey’s Anatomy (ABC) – September 21 – 8pm
Never really watched this one, but it gets rave reviews.

Shark (CBS) – September 21 – 9pm
Legal drama starring James Woods and Jeri Ryan (yes, 7 of 9 you Star Trek geeks) about a cutthroat former defense attorney (Woods) now working for the prosecutor’s office. I like Woods, so I’ll give this a shot even if I’m not big on legal dramas.


What Not to Wear (TLC) – in progress – 7pm and 8pm
This show just cracks me up.

This is the point where I have to quote the Simpson’s:

Lis’, when you get a little older, you’ll realize that Friday is just another day between NBC’s Must-See Thursday and CBS’s Saturday night Crap-o-Rama.


The Simpsons (Fox) – September 10 – 7pm
I’ve been watching this show since it started and I’m not stopping. The movie comes out next summer.

Family Guy (Fox) – September 10 – 7:30pm
I just started watching this during the past season and it is hilarious. As funny as the Simpsons most times, but even more irreverant.

That should do it. Some will be busts, no doubt. But, that’s why you watch.

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