New Photos Added to the Gallery – The Ruse @ Rudyard’s

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It’s odd that a friend of mine plays in a band in Houston called The Ruse and another friend is close to the guys in the California band of the same name that was in town last night at Rudyard’s. Coincidence? Hmmmm…

Anyway, I went out to the catch the SoCal version of The Ruse last night at Rudz and this time, my friend actually recognized me! (sorry, inside joke).

They played with Silverleaf and Deep Ella and had a good set. I managed to fire off a bunch of pictures and ended up with a little more than 80 that looked pretty good.

For the shutterbugs, I shot everything with my D70 and my Nikor 70-300 ED. I used my SB600 flash and set it VERY low – as low as it could go most times. I had the aperature open all the way (f4) and the shutter speed between 40 and 60 all night.

Rudz has a LOT of red in their lighting making it difficult to not get red-exposed shots if you want true color. I hate overexposing with the flash and getting that blue tint, so I just stuck with how it looked to the audience.

Check out the Gallery for yourself.

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