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Many of those of you who read this are musicians and/or local music fans. Over the past few years, a number of new music blogs and sites for local musicians have cropped up, a welcome change from the barren wasteland that used to be Houston music.

Included in this list are blogs from Sara Cress and Joey Guerra at the Chronicle (once only known for – well, never known for anything relating to Houston music), the Houston Music Roundtable run by Ian Varley of Drop Trio and originated by the John Nova Lomax at the Houston Press and sites like the new H-Town Grooves.

Those of you familiar with the bands I play in probably know Gary who runs H-Town Grooves.

Not only is Gary a great guy, but he has a tremendous ear for music and is extremely supportive of local music, especially that of the rootsy variety. So, go out his site now.

In honor of this discovery, I’ve added a bunch of music links on the right side of every page of this site. They include all the sites mentioned above and many more. Use them well.

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