Nerds on IRC Can Be Funny and Nerdy

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I found a site tonight that apparently contains a database of quotes from chat conversations most of which are pretty funny if often geeky and nonsensical. Here are a few of my favorites.

This is one reminds me of the conversation between Richard Pryor and the stuttering boxer in Harlem Nights.

DarkPaladin : You know how people don’t spea properly ost of the time?
DarkPaladin: *most
DarkPaladin: *speak
Tiddles: I do now.

This is so true, it’s either hilarious or sad or both.

Wraith2041: Man, even soulless corporations are telling the RIAA to shut their goddamn mouths. I’m betting soon Satan himself will burst through the RIAA president’s floor and say, “Cease, minion. My Avril Lavigne songs are not to be trifled with.”

The wisdom of MySpace.

Ritz: I had the myspace so I could keep in contact with certain friends
Ritz: I decided I needed new friends

I think this guy answered his own question.

@Hydro: so I’m trying to install this software, right?
@Hydro: And my PC won’t install it…
@Hydro: I’m telling you, it’s either my pc broke, or me being stupid.
@Hydro: Has to be one of the three.

Oh, man, I love tech support.

James: I have a problem. My iTunes can’t find any of the files…
Paul: Double click on the songs and click find
Paul: then find where they are
James: one problem
James: i don’t know where they are
Paul: well, it looks like you and iTunes have something in common

Ok, I don’t hate Maroon 5…but they sure can be annoying. Does that make me gay?

nefzen539: What’s wrong with maroon 5?
pr0nstar: They’re a boyband, girls like boy bands
nefzen539: based on the evidence… i must be gay
pr0nstar: it does seem likely…
nefzen539:It must be that every male i’ve come into contact with is horrendously ugly cos i haven’t been attracted to any
pr0nstar: as unlikely as that sounds it is more likely than a straight male liking maroon 5

What about naked movie stars, Yahoo maps and the Amazon page for “The Idiots Guide to Stalking?”

Static: uhh… wow, my mom walked up and saw that I had three windows open in firefox: Incest Wikipedia Entry, Republican Party (United States) Wikipedia Entry, and a Guide on Becoming an Evil Overlord
Static: she just looked at me and walked away

Yeah, that’s big.

TMH_: does anyone else find that they are in a fuckton of channels
TMH_: and they only actually care about two or three
jmx: define a fuckton?
Thuryn: ten times a buttload
LPF: that’s a metric fuckton

This makes a lot of sense.

annonymous: there is this post on the IMDB board asking if saw III has any nudity because they want to know if they can take their kids to it

And lastly, a tribute to my father who has more of these kinds of folksy-isms than anyone I know.

homerj: damn
homerj: it’s hotter then the devil’s dick in a pair of heated speedos here


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