My House: the Midpoint Between Subways

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I wanted a sandwich for lunch.  I’m a sandwhich guy.  I like sandwiches.  What was I saying?

Oh, so I decide Subway will be my lunch of choice.  My first thought was, “Which Subway do I patronize?”  There is one that I normally go to that is fairly close to my house and newer than the other Subway I used to go to before the new one opened.  I know this is all just riveting information for you, the reader, but push on as it gets more interesting.

Well, no it doesn’t, but you’ve read this far…

I started to calculate the distance via the number of blocks I would have to drive.  The more I thought about it, the more I thought that these two restaurants were nearly equadistant from my house.  Not only did this confuse me as to which I should choose, it caused me to wonder if I were somehow the central nexus of Subways in my area.

Of course, I ate first.  I just picked my normal Subway.  But, after I checked Yahoo maps and found that my normal Subway is 19 blocks and 1.6 miles from my house while the older Subway is 18 blocks and 1.5 miles.  That is ridiculously close.  There is even a third Subway that is 1.9 miles to the northwest.

Could it be that Subway measures distance from me and moves outward in an ever-expanding radius?  Someone get Jared on the phone, damnit!

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