My Crazy, Sleepy Weekend

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Ok, maybe I didn’t propose to Katie Holmes at the Eiffel Tower and maybe I’m not gay like Tom Cruies pretends not to be, but I could have a crazy weekend too. It could happen. Shut up. What do you know?

I went to Killeen on Friday to play with Paisley Close at the Irish Dragooooooon. Ok, I think it only had two ‘O’s” in it, but you get the idea.

Nice place and the people seemed to dig it. They had the best damn french fries I’ve had in a LONG time. Mmmmm…french fries.

I was considering going to Austin for the night but ultimately decided to drive back. Probably a good idea, but the last hour was spent reminding myself that falling asleep at the wheel was a seriously bad idea unless I wanted to die a tragic death. Fortunately, I listened to reason and got home around 3am.

A leaf blower roused me around 9:30. There’s nothing like the sound of a high-powered yet surprisingly small engine and the scent of burnt gasoline to make your morning feel oh-so-fresh and special.

I went out and ran errands to pick up a gift for my dad for Father’s Day. I ended up getting a couple things for myself while I was at it including a new camera bag in a backpack style.

So, if you’ve read this far, besides being either really nice or an incredibly masochist, you are thinking, “He said ‘crazy.’ I don’t see any crazy!” Look, crazy is a relative term. If you were expecting farm animals, tequila and a jail cell roommate named Cupcake, you’re out of luck. Just trudge on through, k?

I had a decent rehearsal with Slapshifter after a conversation with a friend in which I feel I may have left someone feeling rather unstable. It’s my tendency to play therapist that sadly takes over at times. Sorry Stace!

I decided to see a friend perform comedy at Helios. It was a group of women comedian and I was too tired to entertain anyone but myself, so I headed out on my own. I don’t go to that many comedy shows, but they were all damn funny including my friend who has only been at it for a year. Impressive.

After the show, I made it home long enough to shower and crawl into bed. Something about lack of sleep…can’t remember.

Got up this morning and went out to the store to get fixins for Father’s Day. I’m heading into the kitchen now to prepare some appetizers and garlic bread for the festivities.

Yeah, I know. Not crazy. Whatever. I’m too sleepy to be crazy. Muah!

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