My Big Moving Sale, Now With Naked Girls!

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Yard SaleIn case you didn’t know it, I’m putting my house on the market in the next month or so. As you may also not know, I’m kind of a pig. The end result is that I have a lot of stuff to sell. A LOT!

As if I didn’t already have a lot to sell, my mom has added her massive amount of craziness to the event. It’s like an episode of Clean House but without the Niecy Nash…or the actual clean house.

Anyway, if you are on Facebook, you can get the details HERE. If not, here are some details:

Saturday, February 7 – 7am-3pm
1118 Alexander – Map
Craigslist Ad

Partial list of items:

Small deep freeze
Mini Fridge
Women’s Schwin Road Bike
Storage Shelves
Work lights
Shop Vac
Music Equipment – SWR bass cabinets, bass amp, practice amp, congas, misc items
Electronics – digital camera, printers, scanner, small electronics
Futon (no mattress)
Books, Records, CD’s, DVD’s
Children’s Toys, stuffed animals and furniture
Ceiling fan in box
Small Kitchen appliances
Kitchen items
Dollhouse kits
Cat carriers
Holiday decorations

There may or may not also be ninjas, gnomes, trolls and Jack Palance at this yard sale, so you better show up or there could be trouble and by “trouble” I mean sobbing.

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