My Band Gets a Great Write-Up from the Houston Press

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I was having breakfast at the Daily Grind on Washington Avenue this morning (really good breakfast food by the way) and, as I usually do when eating alone, I picked up a copy of the Press to see what was what. To my surprise, there was a really great review of my band orange is in’s EP, Snacks.

I emailed John Lomax, who writes the local music “Racket” section of the paper, about our gig tomorrow night with Arthur Yoria and Pale, but never really heard back. John’s a good guy who knows a lot about local music.

I figured we’d be in the calendar or whatever, but I didn’t expect a really glowing review of the EP, which is really a glorified demo. Bob Ruggiero did the review and I thank him for the kind words.

If you care to take a gander, click the related link.

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