Music Picks This Weekend

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Not a weekend loaded with benefits like last weekend, but plenty of good shows and my band has a gig on Sunday at the Meridian for the Tim McGlashen Tribute.

John Evans Band at Continental Club is probably my highlight of the weekend in terms of going to shows, but there are plenty of good one’s out there to check out.


Vibe Committee, Groovin’ Ground, Flash Mob

The Handsomes w/ Michael Haaga & the Plus and Minus Show
Continental Club

The Phlegmatics, Somber Element, Astoria TX
with Four Men Walking, CounterCurrent, The Forgotton, Eyes Like Lions
Java Jazz Coffee House

Tody Castillo
The Fainting Goat
Bellville, TX


John Evans Band, DuneTX
Continental Club

Ray Younkin & Friends

Moses Guest
West Alabama Ice House

Proletariat Anniversary Party with Spain Colored Orange, The Inner Lights, I Love You Baby, Witnes
The Proletariat


Tim McGlashen Tribute Show
The Zealots, Buddhacrush, Norma Zenteno, Drop Trio and orange is in
Starts 6pm

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