Much Fun Playing in Austin Last Night

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Made the trek to Austin yesterday to perform with the talented Stacey Steger. What started as just a performance with Stacey ended up being an extended set that included three songs from Slapshifter and a long drive back.

I drove up not knowing whether or not I was even going to stay the night. We started at 9:30 and I felt like, if I left by midnight, I could drive it and be ok since I was by myself.

We had a good set with Stacey. Chris, Leesa and I from Slapshifter and orange is in were backing her up and did well. She brought a good crowd out to Momo’s as well.

The opener was this really cool edgy rock band fronted by a female singer/guitarist who clearly loves Angus Young from ACDC. They covered Tesla and Jimi Hendrix and even got in a kick ass version of Riff Raff by ACDC.

Patrice Pike was the headliner. The former Sister 7 frontwoman is a hero of Stacey’s and I knew she’d be nervous.

But, Stacey was terrific. She’s a great singer and has a very good presence on stage. We played well and got through all of our songs at about 10:35 when the sound guy asked if we could go to 11pm. Stacey had no songs left, so she turned it over to Chris, Leesa and I as Slapshifter because our singer, Renee, happened to have made the trip up from Houston.

We did 3 songs and finished the night well. I was physically exhausted from the jumping around and really felt the need to get back home. My rig sounded KILLER. That new Punch Factory is da bomb. It was SO worth the cash.

I loaded up and Leesa and I at downstairs at Katz’s Deli before heading out and making the caravan back. Poor Leesa got pulled over and was ticketed for speeding in Hempstead. The police officer said she was going 86, but there was no way she was going that fast. I was just seconds behind her and never got above 72 myself.

Fun gig overall, though. I enjoy playing Austin. It is a pretty pretentious place, but there is such a buzz on 6th when you are down there, it is hard not to be exicited to play there. I’ll be back on March 30 with orange is in at The Vibe.

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