Most of the Time, Air is Free

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AirFor the first time this year, I got on my bike. I wanted to test out the new hike/bike trail that is nearly complete just a few blocks from my house.

Since my bike has been in storage since last year, I figured the tires would need air, which they did. Finding air for bike tires has been an adventure ever since I was a kid. Some gas stations have it and others don’t. The same is true today. But, what’s different is that the stations that do have air often charge you for it.

Seriously, $0.75 for air? AIR?

And the thing is set on a timer that is guaranteed to go off just before you get done with the airing up of tire, particularly if you need it for all four tires on your truck.

I did have a good ride and the new, nearly finished trail is awesome. A few stats from my ride:

Miles traveled: appx 4
Songs heard on iPod: around 20
Repairs required en route: 1
Times nearly hit by car: 2
Amount of mud accumulated on tires: appx 5 lbs
Damage: cut on hand

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