More Tracking for Peter

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Spent about 3 hours or so in the studio yesterday tracking more acoustic guitars with Peter. Had a good day of recording and reflecting on some changes that need to be made…

Unfortunately, one of those changes is replacing the drums on one track. It isn’t that the performance was terrible or that we couldn’t probably fix it with some digital wizardry. It’s just that it doesn’t really work for the song.

Peter is so used to the way another drummer played it, which was extremely straight, and it is a very slow, mellow song that requires a pretty deft touch that I just don’t think we’ll be able to salvage the track as is.

We’re hoping someone will be able to come in and track with the acoustics and bass that have already been cut or that we can send it off to someone to do it. We’re still not sure who will be re-doing it.

We also made the decision to mix in a different room. Chris’ place is tremendous for tracking and is probably fine for mixdown but I really wanted to get a different read on the stuff in a different room. The plan is to mix at Bungalow Studios right here in the Heights. Mark Shannon is a great guy and an excellent engineer, so I doubt we’ll have any problems.

We are going to master everything with Allan Corneaux at Sugar Hill. It’s a great mastering room and Allan is excellent.

So, decisions were made and you move on. That’s the way it goes. Mainly, we just want to get a great recording for Peter. The songs sound awesome and this one was definitely the weak link.

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