More Great Guitar Tracks Done for the orange is in CD

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Chris and I finished up two more songs on Monday night for the orange is in CD we’ve been working on.

His guitar is sounding amazing and with the great drums and bass already there, this is turning into a tremendous record.

We laid down the tracks for Run Towards the Warmth of the Sun. I’ve listened through to all the the rhythm tracks and this may be the strongest song on the record when all is said and done. It is really, really good.

We put down about 5 tracks of guitar, but four of them were represented by stereo pairs of clean and dirty guitars. Chris used a combination of his Strat and Gibson 355 on the clean parts and the Strat and Les Paul for the dirty. That blend is something special.

He then added a lead part including a really cool solo that just happened. It was killer.

We just laid down two dirty tracks on (This is No Time To) Be a Clown. This is a very fast almost pop/punk song so it was just a matter of getting tight rhythm guitars and that was enough.

There are half a dozen songs ahead of us that should not take very long to complete because there are only a few guitars to put on each song. Then there are five or so more to finish with a couple of them requiring a bit of creativity that make take some time and the others just needing great performances that we won’t rush.

We hope to get George in to start on vocals in about a week or so and Amy in to do scratch violin tracks around the same time.

We are booked back at Sugar Hill to do the real violin tracks the first week of September. We hope to mix at the end of September or early October at the very latest. Our record release party is scheduled for November 12 and includes us and Arthur Yoria so far, though we will add another band before then.

All going well so far.

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