Mission Secure Cats Accomplished

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Pride Kennels in Conroe did a wonderful job with my cats, but I went and got them this morning and brought them over to my mom’s house. Amazing that so many animals can take up so little room.

Other than a bit of hissing and howling, they all seem settled and happy. I think most of them are just happy to be in a comfortable place that feels more familiar.

We’ll be here until at least Sunday. I intend to get back into Houston Sunday early and survey whatever damage there might be.

I’ll hopefully get all the cats moved back by no later than Monday. That will depend on a variety of factors from power to Rebecca’s availability.

One thing this has taught me is that I need much better and better organized plans for these types of situations and I will begin making those plans immediately following this storm.

Things like having enough carriers, having ways to feed and water the animals in the carriers, being able to keep them cool in the vehicles and finding shelter out of town are all on the list. Add to that plywood for my home and plenty of supplies.

I’m not going to get caught flatfooted again.

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